RARE & COLLECTIBLE! George V's first full-length, self-penned CD. From back in the days when he tried to go by his "Middle Name & Roamin' Number" (his full name: George Hege Hamilton V, get it?)…but they just wouldn't let him. People still have a hard time pronouncing "HEGG-EE  VEE"...

This critically acclaimed CD, produced by legendary ‘Southern Pop’ meister Mitch Easter,  wound-up alongside U-2, Bruce Springsteen and REM on THE BOSTON GLOBE's year-end Top 10 'BEST RECORDS OF 1987' and George V was declared "A FUTURE SOUTHERN SUPERSTAR"!  His self-produced music video, “Burial Ground Of The Broken Hearted”, was aired on MTV and the “She Says” single eventually landed in Billboard Magazine’s Country Top 100.

(Hege V -- the Man & the Band -- pioneered 'Alt.Country / Americana music', introducing this yet un-named genre to Album Rock, College & Country Radio in 1987/88. Hege and his Band were the FIRST 'Alt.Country' artists to blaze the trail out of the Southeastern U.S. of A., later followed by the Backsliders, Whiskeytown and others.)

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